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Marshall Tract (Horse Pasture) Development

Feb, 25, 2015 Update: The Marshall Tract contract with Cousins Properties has expired and the Marshalls have chosen to not renew it. The LCNA is communicating with Mr. Marshall and will provide updates as they become available.

In March, 2014, the Lost Creek Neighborhood Association (LCNA) was approached by a potential developer/ buyer of the 38 acre tract, known as the "Marshall Tract" (AKA: Horse Pasture.) This land is currently zoned single-family (SF2), but the developer had proposed to develop the property under a PUD (Planned Unit Development) zoning designation to support office buildings and more on the tract. The LCNA opposed the rezoning as residents had many concerns about its impact on the neighborhood. The collective efforts of many residents proved effective at thwarting over-development of the tract.

LCNA Meeting Minutes Added for Residents - Login Required

The front page of now features the minutes from recent LCNA meetings for resident information. You have to log in to access the minutes. If you are a resident, but do not have a login to, go to and select "Need Login/Password (include street address!)" as the subject.

Recent Website Feature - Youth Job Listings

A youth job listings page has been added to the website. This page provides information about Lost Creek youths who are available to provide such services as babysitting, house sitting, and yard work. The new page is up for residents at Note: You must be logged in to to view the page.

If you want to add your child to the youth job listings or change/remove the information for an existing listing, use the Feedback page and select the subject "Add/Modify Youth Job Listing." Include the child's name and the job services the child wishes to advertise (babysitting, pet sitting, etc), a contact phone number, and any special information you wish to add (such as CPR or First Aid training). The child must be in the LCNA database, though the child could actually still be unlisted in the general LCNA directory. The website administrator will add the information to the Youth Job database at his earliest convenience.

About the LCNA Email List

We maintain an email list for announcements that is separate from this web site. The list is “opt-in,” that is, you have to subscribe to the list to receive email notices from the LCNA. The email list is used for neighborhood news, neighborhood event announcements, and neighborhood association information. The neighborhood association sent 35 such emails to the list in 2011. The email lists have been shared with the Lost Creek MUD so that they can reach their customers for important MUD announcements, but the lists will never be shared with any other entity. If you ever decide that you do not want to receive the e-mails, each e-mail has an unsubscribe link at the bottom which can be used to automatically and immediately remove your address from future e-mails.

If you want to be added to the email list, you can send a request automatically by selecting the appropriate option from the Residents tab after logging on. Or, you can just click here.