Still More of the Annual Fourth of July Parade

Lost Creek Moms’ Club

Lost Creek’s organized group for mothers continues to thrive, with the main focus being a social outlet and support network for mothers of preschool-aged children. It is an active group with monthly meetings, organized playgroups, moms’ nights out, family social events, and holiday parties for the children. There is a blend of moms who work at home and those that work outside of the house.

The second Tuesday of each month (except June through August), the moms gather at a member’s house and conduct a meeting. Meetings begin at 7:30pm, giving members time to visit with other moms, plan events and listen to a guest speaker on relevant topics. Guests have included a childrenís nutritionist, professional organizer, education specialist, and a gardener.

During the club’s year, members host several parties for the children: Halloween Carnival in October, Holiday Party in December, and an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring. Also, during the year, the club offers family social events at the park for the whole family including a Pizza Party and an Ice Cream Party. In December, the club also holds an adults-only holiday party.

Moms enjoy “Momís Night Out” events. In the past, these have included going out for appetizers, manicure and pedicure party, karaoke and wine tasting.

The club gives back to the community in the way of philanthropic projects, such as a visit to a nursing home and donating to Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

The club offers support to Lost Creek moms in need primarily by delivering meals to moms with new babies. 

Our members enjoy communicating via a private website with a message board, calendar of events and email distribution. 

If you are interested in joining the Lost Creek Mom’s Club, please visit the Lost Creek Momís Club web page at