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Welcome Committee

The Lost Creek Welcome Committee is comprised of neighborhood volunteers.   It is our goal to warmly welcome each new household to our neighborhood and provide them with information about all the wonderful attributes of Lost Creek and the surrounding areas.

Welcome Committee volunteers assigned to each of the four designated neighborhood areas deliver a welcome packet and gift to new residents who request a Welcome Committee visit.  A welcome visit request form is located in the MUD office; new residents are encouraged to request a visit while registering for utility services at the MUD office.  Welcome packets include a welcome letter, LCNA membership form, list of neighborhood area representatives, a neighborhood map with the resident’s area highlighted, current annual schedule of LCNA events, coupons from local businesses, and a copy of the “Door to Door” DVD produced by Lost Creek resident Marian Bingaman.  In addition, new residents who request a gift receive an LCNA logo hat for each family member.

If your company would like to donate items or discount coupons to be included in the welcome packet, please contact one of the committee co-chairs. We welcome your donations!

Our biggest challenge is reaching new residents who move to Lost Creek.   Due to privacy concerns, the Welcome Committee cannot contact new neighbors without their permission.  Again, we ask all new residents to sign-up for a Welcome Committee visit in the MUD office, or simply e-mail us at the addresses below.  In addition, if you are an existing Lost Creek resident and have a new neighbor, be sure to tell them about the Welcome Committee and how to arrange a visit!

The Welcome Committee is making a come-back in 2008 after having been on “hiatus” for a few years. The Lost Creek Neighborhood Association (LCNA) apologizes to all residents who did not receive an official LCNA welcome during this time.  We are so delighted that you have chosen Lost Creek as your new home, and we hope you’ll stay here with us for many years to come!

The Welcome Committee encourages all new residents to become an active member of the Lost Creek Neighborhood Association, a vital step in keeping our neighborhood strong and viable.  We also encourage residents to serve as a Welcome Committee volunteer; it’s a great way to meet new people and show them one of the best reasons to live in Lost Creek—the friendly neighbors!

To contact us, please e-mail or call us!  We welcome you to the neighborhood, and we also welcome your ideas on how to continue Lost Creek’s reputation as “the friendliest and most beautiful little village around southwest Austin!”

Robyn Post                                                        Jennifer Hutson

Welcome Committee Co-Chair                            Welcome Committee Co-Chair


Home:   330-0345                                               Home:  918-0551

“When my husband and I moved to LC, we were touched by our neighbors who brought homemade cookies, offered to watch our house anytime we were away, and came by to just say, ‘welcome!’  The friendliness of Lost Creek is something that sets our neighborhood apart and makes Lost Creek a wonderful place to live and raise a family.”  --Robyn Post, LC resident since May 2006